Hourly rate 350 PHP

(6.00 am to midnight)

Airport greeting 1,000 PHP

(up to 3 hours)

Morning 1,300 PHP

(up to 6 hours, 6.00 am to noon)

Afternoon 1,300 PHP

(up to 6 hours, noon to 6.00 pm)

Evening 1,750 PHP

(up to 6 hours, from 6.00 pm to midnight)

Full Day 2,500 PHP

(up to 12 hours, 6.00 am to 6.00 pm)

Day plus Evening 2,750 PHP

(up to 12 hours, between 6.00 am and midnight)

Pay your Philippine Assistant at the time of service, or pay prior to your arrival in the Philippines via a remittance company or bank transfer (contact us for details).

Reservations for a Philippine Assistant can be made by using the form on this website, by email, by phone or by Facebook.

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