Hire a Philippine Assistant and enjoy the stress-free way to visit Manila and Cebu

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or coming to the Philippines for the first time, we know what’s on your mind

  • Who is trying to get control of my bags when I come out of the airport?
  • Why does everyone seem to want to know where I am going?
  • Where are the legal and safe taxis? Will the meter be on?
  • What price should I expect to pay in a taxi or bus?
  • Do they really know my destination and will they take me there by the most direct route?

Hire a Philippine Assistant and she will help you deal with these issues and more, making the arrivals process smooth for you.

Let us help you achieve your purpose for being here in the Philippines

  • Having met you at the airport or seaport, your Philippine Assistant will accompany you to your accommodation or on a round trip back to your cruise ship
  • A Philippine Assistant can meet you at your hotel and help you get to your business meeting, a government office, conference, trade fair, sports activity or some other important event
  • With a Philippine Assistant accompanying you, you will be able to take advantage of various transport options and even have the freedom to walk through the main business and shopping districts. She will ensure you are not bothered by hawkers and strangers who might otherwise approach you on the street or in the malls
  • The spouse or partner of a VIP guest can enjoy a trip outside their resort in the company of a Philippine Assistant rather than exploring the city alone
  • We all like to know we are paying local prices, right? Your Philippine Assistant can help you get the good deals you are looking for
  • Hire your own Philippine Assistant or share the cost with your group. (Provided the group travels together, only one fee applies)

Your Philippine Assistant

  • is identifiable by uniform
  • speaks English and local dialects
  • knows the key places of business, government, shopping, leisure, and emergency services
  • knows first aid
  • is available most hours at affordable rates

All with the world-famous, friendly Philippine smile, of course!

Hire a Philippine Assistant now to make the most out of your time in Manila and Cebu

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